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Waste Oil Drainer and Changer 90L 2 in 1


Combination suction and gravity waste oil drainer unit. Extracts used oil from any vehicle using the venture/vacuum extraction system, suitable for draining oil by gravity from engines, gearboxes, and differentials on all vehicles

Part No. Qty.
T345300 1 Oil Drainer 90L Metal and flexible suction probes
Quick couplers
Adjustable collection bowl height
Self-evacuating feature BMW and Volkswagen Adaptors
Tank capacity: 90 L
Air pressure: 7-8/100”-114 bar/psi
Depressurisation time: 15-180 sec
Noise level: 75 dB Suction speed (litre/min/gallon/min): 15-2/04”-05 with oil at 70-80
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